Chicago joins nationwide tax protests

Protesters numbering at least a thousand descended on Daley Plaza this morning and afternoon chanting against taxes, bank bailouts and other hot-button issues.

Calls for President Obama to remember the little people echoed off the walls of downtown Chicago skyscrapers.

The rowdy display echoed demonstrations being held around the country today, the deadline day for Americans to file their income tax returns.

In Chicago, protesters rallied against everything from taxes to war.

Some protesters carried signs that read, "Hey Congress, How about dinner next time!"

Others, such as Justin Kapacinskas, of the Campaign for Liberty, passed out leaflets to the large crowd. Kapacinskas said more people need to demand reform of the Federal Reserve, a federal agency he said is a "secretive institution" unaccountable to Congress.

The Federal Reserve is the federal agency that administers legal tender and is at the heart of regulation and policy over the U.S. dollar.

Protesters began gathering as early as 10 a.m. and came from as far as  McHenry County.

Brandon Fritz, 25, said he and fellow members of the McHenry County Patriots made the hike downtown to rally against the Federal Reserve and current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, citing his previous role at the Federal Reserve of New York.

"Our founding forefathers are rolling in their graves," says Fritz.