The Obama effect

At tonight's rally in Grant Park, thousands have gathered to hear what's likely to be a victory speech by Barack Obama.

Every so often, a spontaneous cheer ripples through the crowd -- apparently for no reason at all.

"It's just the Obama effect," says one young man.

Diane Morris of Maple Park says she came to the rally to be a part of history.

"I'm ecstatic, what can I say. I want to be able to tell my granddaughters I was here."

Keith Jenkins, another attendee, says he decided to come because he felt big changes in the making. 

"I've never seen so many young people participating in politics," he says. "Obama has changed the way the game is played."

Tanya Bell of Oak Park was waiting to get into Grant Park with her two sons.

"There was a time when African Americans couldn't even vote, and now we may have an African American president," she says.

Black men are often portrayed in a negative light, and she wanted her sons to see one who has risen to impressive heights.

Bell's 12-year-old son, Chris Hinton, says he has to be up at 6 a.m. for school, but wanted to come anyway.

"It's worth it to be here. It's a great thing to witness. He's a great person and he knows a lot and he doesn't let them get him down," says Hinton. "I strive to do that."