In Mount Greenwood, a low-key election

The front lawns of homes in Mount Greenwood on Chicago's southwest side are more likely to be adorned with placards for their children's sporting teams than endorsements for political candidates this election season.
There aren't as many political signs or any pollsters surrounding the precincts either as there have been in past years.
So it was a quiet morning at McKiernan Park in Ward 19. People dropped in one by one to cast thier vote, several stopping in before leaving for work or to drop their kids off at school.
Most residents of the traditionally Irish Catholic neighborhood are blue-collar workers, including firefighters and police officers.
One voter, Wayne Chambers, says he's an Obama supporter and is serving as an election judge this year for the first time.

"McCain is just like Bush. And I can't take 12 years of a Bush regime," he says.