Noise disturbance in Andersonville raises questions

Discussion of loud noises in the early morning hours in the 1400 block of West Hollywood dominated the discussion recently at the neighborhood's community policing meeting.

Officers responded to a call involving reported gunfire last Thursday at 3:22 a.m. and searched the area. They found no evidence that shots had been fired, says Officer Bob Johnson.

"The noise was so loud and sharp it was enough to wake me up, and I'm a pretty deep sleeper," says neighorhood resident Art Hamilton.

Hamilton added that he heard the noise not only last week, but also on the previous Thursday at approximately the same time.

"I watched the street window, but all I saw were the beat cars responding to the call," says Hamilton. "I'm very interested in finding out what that noise was. I wonder if it will happen again."

Management and Communications Officer Patrick Jamen was a guest speaker at the Beat 2013 meeting, which has held Wednesday night. He answered questions on how Chicago's 911 and 311 systems function.

Jamen advised residents at the meeting not to put themselves in danger just to obtain more detailed information for police dispatchers.

"A woman once put the phone down and went outside [to obtain a physical description of the shooter] and was shot in the leg," Jamen says.