Suspected arsonist deported

The suspect in a string of trash can fires that has plagued the far Northwest side recently has been deported, according to 16th District Commander Ralph Price.

Price, speaking at a District Advisory Council meeting on Tuesday, said police lacked enough evidence for the Cook County State's Attorney's office to bring charges.

However, a check of the suspect's immigration status revealed that he was here illegally, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has deported him to Mexico

In other 16th District news, officers acting on information obtained by a tactical team served seven search warrants late last month on locations allegedly connected with the Spanish Gangster Disciples street gang.

The raids netted seven guns, including a Kalashnikov SKS semiautomatic rifle with a silencer, and a quantity of narcotics, according to Price. The searches also yielded intelligence information about the gang hierarchy.

Price also said auto thieves appear to be targeting Hondas, probably for their parts. Over a 2-month period, 33 Hondas were reported stolen in the 16th District, including 20 Honda Civics. Most of the cars were recovered in neighboring areas with some parts missing.