Noise, unruly neighbors top Portage Park concerns

An overcrowded house on West Hutchinson was the source of yelling and loud music and for a time had a goat living on the roof, Portage Park residents attending Wednesday's CAPS meeting for beat 1624 reported.

Theresa Rowe, who lives across the alley, said neighbors reported seeing people in her yard while she was away. After one incident, she found gang signs on her property and a half-full gasoline can next to her garage. Police arrested Jacob Jeffries, 18, and Carlos Rivera, 19, for criminal trespass and resisting a police officer, respectively.

Bridget O'Leary introduced herself as the new owner of the Xcala Lounge, which had been the subject of complaints about noise and unruly customers at a prior meeting. She told residents she has hired two people to work security and moved loudspeakers away from the walls. Neighbor Mark Cassity said he still hears noise from Xcala, but police said they have received no complaints.

In response to complaints last month, 16th district police are offering assistance to homeless people in the Six Corners business district at Irving Park and Cicero, and have asked the vice unit to investigate teenagers asking adults to purchase alcohol outside of Savoy Food & Liquor at 4138 N. Milwaukee.

Noise problems are a continuing source of complaints. Police advised residents to call about noise problems that continue after 10 p.m.

In response to concerns about police response, community organizer John Eischen advised residents to call in every occurrence of a problem, because the history of complaints helps set police priorities. "The more that you call, the quicker you get service."

The 16th district police station will host a haunted house from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., tomorrow through Tuesday. The event will feature some  "very strange police officers," Eischen said.

Police also reminded residents to watch out for egg throwing as Halloween approaches.