Police seize $1 million worth of cocaine and marijuana

A weekend drug bust yielded more than $1 million worth of drugs and $378,000 in cash seized from a West Side home, according to Chicago police.

Police surveillance led to the Saturday bust, in which five unlicensed handguns were also recovered, police said.

Police arrested and charged Oswaldo Sanchez, 25, of the 2100 block of North Lockwood Avenue, with one count of possession of cocaine, one count of possession of cannabis and five counts of failure to have a firearm owner's  identification card.

According to police, Sanchez was stopped after being observed exchanging cars with a group of men. After a drug dog's response suggested the presence of drugs, police searched the vehicles and found hidden compartments.

A subsequent search of Sanchez's home uncovered the guns, money and drugs, including roughly 7 kilograms of cocaine and more than 43 pounds of marijuana, police said.


ADAM VAN HART, 10-23-2007

Great story Geoff